Arte collaborates with Flavor Paper

Arte has teamed up with US-based handmade wallpaper specialist Flavor Paper to launch the Flavor Paper collection, a family of bold, extravagant designs inspired by movements and figures from pop art to Van Gogh.

Enhanced by playful touches of irony and surprise, the range comprises fourteen wallcoverings selected by Arte and converted into a rotary screen-printing version, then distributed via its own network. Combining Flavor Paper’s designs with Arte’s premium production techniques, the collection marks the coming together of two distinctive styles and philosophies.

Featuring the pop art influenced Cherry Forever, the classical danmask of City Park, and both contemporary and timeless floral motifs, amongst others, the range covers topics from psychedelia to nature, and everything in-between.

The range was soft-launched during London Design Festival, at Arte’s Chelsea Harbour showroom, and will be available proper come January.