Bamo appoints new principals

Bamo has appointed Anne Wilkinson and Billy Quimby as Principals ahead of the revealing of two new projects: the Ritz-Carlton Chicago and Four Seasons Hotel Sao Paulo.

Driven by inspired design infused with identity, the San Francisco-based interiors firm specialises in creating authentic spaces that combine aesthetics and functionality.

A New York native, Wilkinson earned her Bachelor of Science in Design & Environmental Analysis from Cornell University, and in 1993 became Bamo’s first employee. Her latest endeavour is the Four Seasons Hotel in Sao Paulo, opening in 2018, which features her interpretation of iconic Brazilian themes with the intention of leading the Four Seasons style into a more intimate, residentially driven space.

Guestrooms and common areas will feature bold colours and patterns, locally sourced materials and innovative design components to enhance the guest experience. Soon after, her work on the Capella Bangkok hotel on the banks of the Chao Phraya River will be unveiled.

Quimby, meanwhile, prides himself on creating backdrops on which to layer a narrative. A registered architect with over 20 years of experience, he is currently applying the finishing touches to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Chicago.

Bamo’s existing leadership has expressed their confidence in the selection of Wilkinson and Quimby, a move that expands the scope, vision and impact of the firm on the international stage and communicates its belief in fostering the growth and development of in-house talent.