Blink acquires Jaya Ibrahim’s Studio

Poised to be an ascendant player in the luxury hospitality market, Blink recently acquired the Jaya Interior Design Business (JID). The boutique firm, founded by Jaya Ibrahim, faced an uncertain future following Ibrahim’s sudden death in 2015.

Co-CEOs Clint Nagata and Rengy John spoke about this exciting period for the firm and discussed the trends shaping the luxury hospitality sector:

Why did Blink acquire JID?

Clint Nagata: It goes without saying that Jaya Ibrahim was one of the leading voices in Asian design. But on a personal note, he was my friend and I learned a lot from him. We’ve long admired his contribution to the Asian design vernacular, defining it in such a compelling way that it resonated globally. In following his work through the years, we found that we had a similar approach to design and shared his appreciation for timeless, elegant design. We wanted to find a way to preserve his legacy and ensure his design philosophy continues into the future.

After your acquisition of JID, what does the future hold for this brand?

Rengy John: JID’s team and portfolio will be consolidated with Blink’s and the two entities will operate as one under the Blink Design Group (BDG). It is in our interest to distil Jaya’s remarkable design ethos into our practice while strengthening Blink’s integrated services that include masterplanning, building design and interiors. With our extensive network and growing footprint in the luxury hospitality space, we’re able to honour his legacy by ensuring his unfinished projects see completion. We see this as a huge honour and we take on this responsibility with great humility.

Blink just celebrated its 10th year. What does the future hold for the firm?

CN: A lot has happened in 10 years. We’re proud that Blink has earned its place in the elite tier of luxury hospitality design firms. Today we work across five continents with the world’s leading hotel brands. While we’re looking forward to the opening of Capella Shanghai this year, next year will see the completion of Ritz-Carlton Jiuzhaigou, Six Senses Uluwatu and Princes’ Palace Resort Istanbul.

What is the future of luxury hospitality and what part will Blink play in it?

RJ: It is increasingly about the experience. We hope to redefine luxury hospitality by creating destinations that encompass the essence of the travel experience. With vision, skill and sensitivity, we are weaving together the tangible and intangible. This means expressing the richness of local culture and heritage with the dreams of our clients and the values and expectations of their guests. In designing experiences that engage the spirit, reward the senses and fuel the imagination, we will continue to offer guests one of the greatest luxuries of all: being moved by the beauty of experience itself.