Domus unveils Pergo flooring collection

Domus has launched Pergo; an engineered wood, laminate and vinyl flooring collection combining contemporary design, long-lasting durability and an easy click installation system.

With a robust construction comprised of three layers of wood, Pergo planks are designed with grains that run in different directions to reduce the natural swelling and shrinking caused by fluctuations in humidity and temperature, while their stain, scratch and water resistance means they are ideal for high-flow environments.

Available in a wide variety of colours, gradings and formats, from smooth ash to dark, rustic oak, the collection helps rooms to appear more spacious using planks of 240cm long and 26cm wide. Whether oiled or lacquered, all planks also have a seven-layer surface treatment that protects the wood whilst highlighting its natural appearance. With a new extra matte lacquer, Pergo can offer the look of an oiled floor with the easy maintenance and protection of a lacquer.

The series is offered in 80 decors and seven different surface textures to enhance the look of wood and stone, while patterns running through the planks and slabs are varied to replicate the natural character of real wood and stone. There are also four plank formats to choose from: Endless planks and long planks provide clean visual lines, forming a continuous flow and a distinct contemporary aesthetic, whilst the large slab format replicates natural stone, creating continuous surfaces with minimal joint lines. Utilising patented PerfectFoldTM 3.0 click-system technology for fast and simple installation, planks can also be clicked together with no risk of damage and can be reinstalled easily if necessary.

Pergo laminate, meanwhile, offers three durability levels to cater for the needs and footfall of different interiors. A patented TitanXTM surface protection features multilayer technology that includes layers of aluminium oxide particles to provide superior resistance to wear, scratching and impact. With a water repellent coating and tight click joint that extends to the bevels to create a full closed surface, Pergo laminate is also fully water resistant. As with the wood, Pergo laminate again uses the PerfectFoldTM 3.0 click-system technology for installation.

Last of the three-part collection is Pergo vinyl; available in 40 different wood and stone effect décor designs including a new wide, long plank with a naturalistic embossed texture, varied patterns and true-to-life detail between individual planks and tiles. Using a protective TitanVTM top layer that effectively seals the surface, the vinyl models are easy to clean and offer advanced resistance against staining and scratches, as well as being fully waterproof. Their surface is also multi-layer and features a dense core material that gives the floor a high impact resistance and low residual indentation, while their use of a PerfectFoldTM V click joint again offers quick and easy installation.

All decors are offered in two durability levels: optimum and premium, the former suitable for commercial use.