Heimtextil identifies talking points

Heimtextil 2018 will continue to expand its offer for architects and hotel furnishers with the support of a think tank comprising members from the global design market, the show’s organisers have announced.

In mid-April, five representatives including Peter Ippolito, Ippolito Fleitz Group; Martin Lesjak, Innocad Architektur; Tamara Pallasch, Pallasch InteriorDesign; Ushi Tamborriello, Ushi Tamborriello Innenarchitektur & Szenenbild; and Lisa Hassanzadeh, Concrete Architectural Associates, met in Frankfurt am Main to identify current industry themes and developed ideas aimed at giving designers additional textile solutions.

‘Textiles are often only used as decorative elements. But this is wrong. They can create rooms and reveal worlds,” commented Hassanzadeh during the meeting. “I would like to see the integrated use of textiles as space-building elements”

Ippolito agreed, emphasising: ‘Textiles in all their facets are an essential and identity-forming component of our construction culture. Heimtextil, as the most important meeting place for the industry, has the opportunity and mission to offer more than just pure product presentation and be a relevant source of inspiration and driver of innovation in order to rediscover textile furnishing time and time again.”

In addition to a series of talks and seminars, special fair tours, exhibitor guides and networking opportunities, the show will offer, in the words of Tamborriello, “’A curated selection of innovative textiles or technologies that enable professional visitors to orient themselves and find inspiration within the broad range on offer.”

Throughout the 2018 edition, Heimtextil will consider this industry expertise in the Interior.Architecture.Hospitality, contract sector.