Kalisher announces acquisition and promotions

Hospitality art company Kalisher has promoted Jon Cochran to Vice President, Business Development, following four years as Senior Director of Business Development. The announcement follows the news that LongWater Opportunities, a private equity firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas, has acquired Kalisher from the founders.

Cochran, a Georgia native, graduated from Vanderbilt University with an MA in Sociology in 2008 before starting his career in visual merchandising. He began with Kalisher in 2013 when he was hired as the Director of Business Development, and was promoted to Senior Director of Business Development nine months later. For the last four years, Cochran has contributed to Kalisher’s growth from a 4-person company to a 100-person strong creative agency.

David Winton, President, Kalisher, comments: “Jon is not only the right person for the job, he’s an inspiration. He has proven both great leadership and keen understanding of our clients’ needs. We are thrilled with how Jon has taken the reins and made us stronger.”

Along with Winton and COO Sarah Elder, Cochran created and developed the company’s business development department for North America. During that time, Cochran has been actively involved in the training and development of Kalisher’s Account Team, as well as the opening of offices in London, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Charleston, and Cleveland.

Cochran comments: “It’s been my privilege to work with and for my colleagues and clients at Kalisher. The moments of creative collaboration and teamwork that drive our process are also the moments that are most fulfilling and exhilarating,”

Will Dobbs, a Partner at LongWater, adds, “We are very excited to partner with the Kalisher team to continue the legacy of creativity, quality, and unmatched customer service that the company has built over the last 15 years. The team’s passion for art and unique culture has brought the company to where it is today. Kalisher’s quality product and diverse, loyal customers have positioned Kalisher as a dominant player in the hospitality art market, and we’re confident that this team will succeed in entering new markets and driving further growth.”

Kalisher creates, commissions, and curates artwork for hospitality, corporate, and healthcare projects worldwide, with global hospitality brands including Marriott, Starwood, Hilton, Hyatt, IHG and Four Seasons having recruited their services.