Piaval unveils Macaron armchair

Designed by Laura Silvestrini, the Macaron armchair by Piaval takes its name from the meringue-based confection, and features a refined and contemporary aesthetic.

The armchair is characterised by the overlapping of two layers, the first of which is the shell, a padded and enveloping structure supported at the base by a curved wooden profile. The second is the seat, in the centre of which the rear legs are inserted; its structure is a perfect circle featuring a soft rounded cushion.

“I conceived Macaron as a project capable of generating a dual aesthetic, made of simple lines but with great attention to structural detail, thus highlighting the quality and precision of wood-working,” says Silvestrini. “By structuring the armchair into two distinct elements that allow packaging to be rationalised and shipping optimised, I also wanted to emphasise the sensitivity and attention that Piaval has always paid to the theme of sustainability.”

Available in ash or walnut, the series can be customised in a wide range of finishes, while the choice of upholstery ranges from fabric to velvet and leather.