Plumen releases 001 LED bulb

Plumen has released the new 001 LED light bulb, uniting form, function and innovation whilst retaining its iconic 001 bulb shape. Engineered in the UK, the series features a new patented LED construction that replaces the previous compact fluorescent technology, allowing for greater control, performance and longevity.

While the double-looped form designed by Plumen and Samuel Wilkinson remains, the bulb is now completely dimmable and has a lifespan of over 20,000 hours, equating to almost twenty years of average use. It is also available in three colour temperatures; super-warm, warm and cool, offering further flexibility.

The new inner-workings of the 001 LED also create a sleeker form factor, which in turn means the bulb is suitable for many more fittings and shades, while the LED tubes have a matte, bone-like finish. A ceramic housing exudes a premium finish that is environmentally responsible, and as neither aluminium nor mercury are used, the bulb can be fully dissembled to ensure it is 100% recyclable.

“Our goal is for sustainable design to be a natural choice and our light bulbs aim to inspire that change,” says co-founder and Creative Director Nicolas Roope. “We are proud of the huge effort that has gone into bringing the 001 LED to market. Our original 001 is a tough act to follow, but we believe this reincarnated 001 LED will become a new classic, and a sound choice for anyone who enjoys beautiful design that doesn’t cost the earth.”