Radical Innovation winner announced

Yosemite National Park, California

Radical Innovation Award, the annual competition that seeks new ideas in hospitality design, has announced the winner of its 11th edition.

Taking place at the New Museum in New York City, the event was attended by over 150 guests including professionals in hospitality, finance, design, branding, and development.

A record five hospitality concepts were presented live on stage from three professional finalists – Vertical Micro-Climate Resort, Play Design Hotel, and Living the Till – in addition to two student honourees, Hyperloop Hotel and Garden House. Finalists were chosen from more than 65 international entries based on the creativity and feasibility of their proposals.

In a live vote determined by the audience members, Living the Till by EoA Inc. became the recipient of this year’s US $10,000 grand prize, while Play Design Hotel received the runner-up recognition, a US $5,000 reward. Student winner Brandan Siebrecht was awarded with US $1,500 for his Hyperloop Hotel concept, and will have the opportunity to pursue an assistantship to complete his Master’s of Architecture Degree in Hospitality Design at The University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The winning concept, Living the Till, is a unique treetop model that allows for seasonal inhabitation in remote areas such as preserved forests. Conceived as a temporary nomadic structure, the Till comprises a mesh platform support by a series of cables, and can be constructed and taken down without impacting the environment.

“This project was perhaps the most serene of entries – the escape it provides is both rare and welcomed in the fast-paced modern world,” comments John Hardy, CEO and President of The John Hardy Group and founder of Radical Innovation. “Living the Till is the perfect antidote to city dwelling.”

Designed by student Bradan Siebrecht, Hyperloop Hotel is a concept that uses sustainable, modular design in the form of shipping containers that double as travelling guest suites. The containers are fully customisable in terms of layout and design, and can travel and dock at one of 13 hotel destinations across the United States, including New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Hardy adds: “Hyperloop Hotel has the power to alter not only the way we travel but the way we live. We are invested in Radical Innovation, because we believe it can create just this kind of change.”

The Radical Innovation Jury comprised of industry experts Michael Medzigian, Chairman & Managing Partner, Watermark Capital Partners, LLC; Jena Thornton, LEED AP, Managing Director, Magnetic ERV; Simon Turner, Managing Director, Alpha Lodging Partners, LLC; James Woods, Head of WeLive, WeWork; Wing T. Chao, Founder, Wing T. Chao Global Advisors; and Claude Amar, Managing Director, The John Hardy Group International.

The event was co-produced by The John Hardy Group with support from founding sponsor Global Allies, official partner Sleeper, and media partner Architizer.