Shalini Misra to design Decorex bar

Decorex has announced that Shalini Misra will create this year’s champagne bar, marking the event’s 40th anniversary edition with a space inspired by The Great Exhibition of 1851.

Taking place from 17-20 September, the design and innovation showcase welcomes Misra’s design following last year’s 1508 London concept, and the Russell Safe, Martin Hulbert and Rabih Hage designed bars before that.

Based on original paintings, drawings and advertisements, Misra will create four sweeping structures reminiscent of the Crystal Palace that housed the fair. Inside, the hexagonal central bar will feature backlit metallic detailing inspired by radiator frills and a dramatic central canopy. Rich velvets will be paired with geometric and figurative motifs, palace ironwork and Victoriana finishes for a contemporary take on the original design. The heritage colour pallete will be complemented with flourishes such as decorative screen dividers and palm plants.

“Inspired by a key moment in design history, the Great Exhibition of 1851, the farther backward we look, the farther forward we are likely to see,” explains Misra. “In the spirit of international collaboration and scenic stage design we will create a contemporary interpretation of a glasshouse infused with graphic pattern, luxe detailing and curiosities.”

Established in 1996, Misra’s architecture and interior design practice holds a diverse portfolio of global projects. Specialising in creating characterful functional and elegant interiors, she works with artists, galleries, craftspeople and antique dealers to create spaces that combine textures, colours, art and design.

Returning to Syon Park, London, Decorex will host over 400 exhibitors, both established and emerging, and will this year explore the guiding theme of collaborations.