Sonneman releases Light Guide Ring

Using the same technology and engineering as smartphone screens, lighting designer Robert Sonneman has designed the Light Guide Ring Collection, which offers glare-free illumination through LEDs.

From a single source at the edge of the ring, light is emitted through that intricate pattern of precisely engineered extraction points set across an acrylic disc, which floats within an aluminium ring of various cluster sizes.

Available in satin white and satin black with either an apricot or satin white interior, the Light Guide Ring is offered in both pendant and sconce options.

“I have come to understand that science and technology are enablers of art and design, and am compelled now more than ever by the possibilities of what’s next,” Sonneman comments. “LED technology has allowed us to completely reimagine the forms, scale and application of luminaires. We are only at the beginning of electronic illumination becoming an infinitely diverse medium for innovation and change.”