Toto launches new Washlet SX toilet

Japanese bathroom manufacturer Toto has announced the launch of a second Washlet shower toilet. The Washlet SX features pre-programmable washing, as well as a heated seat, Tornado Flush, deodoriser and a retractable wand with warm water spray.

Characterised by an angular design, the toilet offers two personalised options that allow the seat and water temperature to be adjusted, while an alternative wand direction setting can also be set by the user.

“Wahslet SX provides great comfort and perfect hygiene in a new, striking design – and is also an excellent value for your money,” says Hubertus Bruggemann, Sales Director, Toto Europe.

First launched in 1980, The Washlet has revolutionised bathrooms across Japan for nearly four decades, improving hygiene standards with its warm water cleansing system and through recent developments in air purification and automatic functions.