Ammique debuts mattress-free luxury bed

British bed specialist Ammique has announced the launch of its eponymous Ammique line of mattress-less luxury beds engineered with hygiene and comfort in mind. Featuring thousands of precision engineered components arranged to the natural contours of the body, the product is structured to allow for thorough cleaning, with all padding removable and washable.

Within the main structure lies a void, allowing for increased air circulation and more comfortable regulation of body heat, whilst an outer frame with interchangeable decorative elements affords designers and users a greater degree of customisation.

Installed on-site from 10 separate modules for ease of delivery, the Ammique is manufactured to high specification and testing criteria, and has an estimated functional life of 250 years.

All timber and timber products are FSC certified from renewable sources, with all materials sourced ethically and recyclable. Available in single, king, super king or bespoke models, as well as a Calico upholstered option – with removed side and end panels, and a choice of maple, oak or walnut corner posts – for designers to cover in a fabric of choice.

Find out more about Ammique in the video below.