Axor collaborates with Jean-Marie Massaud for Axor Edge

Marking the latest release from the 13-year-long collaboration between Axor and French architect, designer and inventor Jean-Marie Massaud, Axor Edge has been created using a highly-precise manufacturing process ordinarily reserved for diamond milling and space-age construction. Characterised by an unconventional asymmetrical profile and its mixing of textured and smooth surfaces, the collection features mixers for washbasin, bath, bidet and shower modules, and is available in five colours including polished brass and black chrome, with or without texturing.

The process used to create Axor edge includes use of a specially created diamond-cutting machine with its own diamond-tipped tool; used here to mill the chamfers with a premium base quality. With speeds of up to 60,000 revolutions per minute and temperatures kept within a variation of 0.1 degree, the result is tolerances 600x finer than conventional methods, with the rows of small pointed pyramids forming the textured elements created line by line.

“With Axor Edge we have answered the demand for refinement and uniqueness,” Massaud explains. “More than a mixer, each product in the collection is a jewel, a masterpiece, a unique architectural object drilled from a brass block and then dressed with personal finishes.”