Bert Frank presents new lines at Salone del Mobile

Luxury lighting brand Bert Frank presented a series of new collections and redesigns at Salone del Mobile, Euroluce this year including: Spate, Rote, Rift, Trave, Flagon and Tanto. With all lights designed and made in the UK, Bert Frank continue to reference Art Deco and industrial-inspired aesthetics – marrying them with the technical expertise and quality.

Kicking things off, Spate combines the latest technology with elegant forms and rounded shapes. Available as a pendant, wall sconce and a table lamp, the light maintains Bert Frank’s continued homage to Art Deco style, its marble spheres acting as a robust tonal counterbalance to the soft satin brass found on the metalwork and opal stepped glass shade.

The glass shade – acid etched for a delicate, even glow – also blends cutting-edge technology with luxurious styling. Instead of traditional light bulbs, an integral LED source is used in Spate – emitting light in every direction and therefore resulting in better distribution while also being more energy efficient. Furthermore, Spate is available with Bluetooth dimming capabilities, helping to ensure a future-proof design that works with in harmony with ‘smart’ technology.

Another addition to Bert Frank’s portfolio is the Rote collection, which features intricate detailing and a refined sense of scale. Resolutely contemporary, Rote speaks of sophisticated industrial aesthetics and calculated design. Available in four versions – pendant, wall sconce, table lamp and chandelier – the range comprises slotted, laser cut diamond leaves fitted to an internally and externally illuminated brass ring. Satin brass and black leaves combine in geometric perfection to create an eye-catching centrepiece.

Rote can create a focal point as an individual pendant over a smaller dining table, or be grouped in multiples as a chandelier. The table lamp and wall sconce versions feature a similar aesthetic but in more compact proportions, making them suitable for smaller spaces or highlighting key areas of a room. Rote also comes with Bluetooth dimming capabilities.

Bert Frank has also reinvented its popular Flagon chandelier. New for 2019, the Flagon Three Light Cluster sees a trio of Flagon pendants suspended from a three-pointed spreader plate; their heavy bottomed shades evoke traditional whiskey glasses, with an internal frosting on the glass to provide a soft glow. Meanwhile, the Single Flagon Pendant acts as a slimmed down version of the cluster, and is ideal for bedsides or over small tables. The series is available in either brass or nickel with black or white highlights.

Also new to the portfolio, Rift embodies the careful balance between simplicity and glamour. Available as both a wall light and a pendant, the collection offers an understated lighting solution that creates a striking visual impact. Comprised clean lines and spheres, Rift incorporates an opal glass globe that softens the light by diffusing the glare evenly and creating a soft warming glow. Solid brass backplates on the wall lights introduce added sophistication, acting as a subtle yet handsome contrast to the opal shade.

Offered as either a pendant, table or wall light, the Trave collection speaks of glamour and refinement. Trave’s two-tier shade evokes the allure of the Art Deco period, with references to the aesthetic that was popularised during the ‘Golden Age of Travel’. Its smooth, rounded form works together to create lighting options that offer an attractive and timeless aesthetic, while the addition of marble, both Green Guatemalan and White Carrera, brings an opulent touch – producing a light that is soft and ambient. Reeded, fluted brass stems on the pendant and table lamp versions highlight Trave’s elegant proportions.

Completing the new designs, Tanto is characterised by its slim, minimal profile with the combination of two asymmetric brass rods and a central cylindrical opal lamp. Connected together by either Green Guatemala or White Carrera marble, Tanto appears like a sculpture, creating a stylish visual statement in the room. Available as either a small or large wall light, its effortlessly minimal design works well in both classic and contemporary spaces.

Bert Frank is set to open a new showroom space in London’s Clerkenwell district in May 2019.