Bolefloor unveils innovative flooring concept

While only a limited part of every tree is used for conventional straight plank flooring, Bolefloor utilises around 20 percent more, leaving less waste on the sawmill floor. Each floor made with the innovative technology is as unique as each individual tree.

The floors are installed in private residences, restaurants, hotels, retail premises, offices and ski lodges and are suitable for any setting where an intimate and natural aesthetic is desired. But according to Bolefloor CEO Rain Eisler, Bolefloor can serve as more than just a floor: “Our technology has been employed to create walls and even ceilings. Let your imagination be the limit!”

The floors are available in oak, ash, maple, cherry and walnut and even in a multilayer solution for environments with inconsistent temperatures or powerful floor heating. All varieties are available unfinished or oiled, tongue and groove and ready to glue down. The main range of flooring planks are 280 cm long and 13-33 cm wide, in which natural variations occur.

Bolefloor is available through an exclusive network of professional flooring dealers throughout Europe and the United States.