Cappellini introduces Meltdown lamp

Created by Swedish designer Johan Lindstén, the Meltdown is made of thin coloured glass which has been hand blown into a spherical shape.

The original concept sprang from the disastrous nuclear accident in Fukushima in 2011, with the idea being to create something beautiful inspired by the incident.  The disaster is reflected in the form of each lamp, which features a bulb looking almost as though it is about to melt through the glass.

Each lamp is 285mm in diameter and can be composed in linear fashion or as a grape. The collection is available in the colour scheme of grey, rose, tobacco, light blue, amethyst and amber.

Since obtaining a degree in design in Stockholm in 2008, Johan Lindstén has established his own studio, Lindstén Form Studio, and launched a variety of products ranging from iPad accessories to sound absorbents and furniture.

Giulio Cappellini has developed a reputation as a talented scout of young designers and has previously launched innovative new creative talents.

Meltdown will debut on 14 January at IMM Cologne.