Deirdre Dyson introduces Looking Glass collection

Inspired by the act of looking at and through glass, the Looking Glass collection consists of eight carpet designs including Transparent – a reinterpretation of decorative shapes on a coloured vase; Light Between – a play on contrasting monochrome grading with the illusion of light; Slivers – stemming from a series of small flat discs of overlapping glass; and Looking Through – emulating the distortions of objects seen through a water-filled flask.

Deirdre Dyson’s work as a fine artist has afforded her the skill of creating striking colour palettes and beautiful compositions that can enhance any surface. Each carpet is bespoke and can be made to order in any shape or size, fitted or free standing. Goodweave-certified, Deidre Dyson carpets are hand woven on the loom in Nepal using high quality Tibetan wool and Chinese silk.

“With this collection, my aim was to simulate a visual glassy appearance using wool and silk,” says Dyson, the brand’s Founder. “A challenge indeed but I hoped that even if I failed to achieve this, I would still create exciting and interesting results and effects.”