DesignLife Associates launches iOS app

The DLAppTap from DesignLife Associates is an innovative iPhone and iPad app that allows hotels to sell the products in their properties without the need for in-house retail operations, helping them capitalise on new revenue streams, achieve ROI from refurbishments and provide higher levels of guest-centric services.

“Hotels are the shopping centres of the future,” says Jane Moriarty, founder of DesignLife Associates and Marketing Director of DLAppTap. “This technology is set to revolutionise the retail aspect of hospitality.”

The new hospitality-focused tool is an extension of the upcoming DesignLife App, which was developed to showcase residential products. The iOS app becomes a platform for individual hospitality venues using encoded Near-field Communication (NFC) labels, which are discreetly attached to items available for purchase. After downloading DLAppTap, guests can view the specifications, measurements, costs, lead times, shipping and payment options for any labelled item tap on a mobile device. Purchases can also be added to guestroom bills, with hotel receiving 25% commission and orders sent automatically to manufacturers.

Meanwhile, the team behind DLAppTap manages the retail process by establishing supplier trade accounts, uploading all product specifications, determining whether minimum quantities are required and managing the in-app guest experience.

Justin Kandiah, Managing Director of DLAppTap, adds: “Not only does DLAppTap have the potential to turn hospitality retail on its head, it is also a win-win solution where guests’ homes have reminders of their treasured holidays, and the hospitality industry has a streamlined way to give guests what they want, increase revenue and build their brand awareness.”