Grohe aims for carbon-neutral production by 2020

Grohe has pledged to become the first sanitaryware manufacturer to achieve carbon-neutral production by 2020, stepping up its campaign with the ‘Grohe Goes Zero’ initiative. Having converted all five of its production plants worldwide – as well as the logistics centres in Germany – to run on green electricity in July 2019, the company will start the new fiscal year by offsetting unavoidable CO2 emissions through two compensation projects.

“More than ever, manufacturers like Grohe must take on responsibility and strive towards more sustainability,” says Thomas Fuhr, CEO of Grohe. “For years now, we have been investing not only in research and development in order to produce intelligent, sustainable solutions, but also to a large degree in a resource-saving value chain. With ‘Grohe goes Zero’, we are now setting an example for the entire industry: we are actively addressing the CO2 challenge by increasingly avoiding emissions and, if this is not possible, compensating for them.”

The initiative is linked to numerous measures taking place at the Grohe plants, promoting the long-term reduction of the carbon footprint and conserving resources. The brand has built a state-of-the-art test laboratory in Hemer, Germany, while newly launched technologies such as the material-saving 3D metal-printing process further aid its sustainability efforts. As a result, Grohe has been able to increase its energy efficiency by 24% and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by around 40% since 2014, meaning that the brand has already exceeded its 2021 targets of 20% across both.