Heimtextil presents design trends for 2020/2021

Heimtextil has announced ‘Where I Belong’ as the overarching theme for the 2020/2021 trend season. Stijlinstituut Amsterdam is responsible for the Trend Book content and Trend Space implementation at the upcoming international trade fair, which takes place from 7-10 January, while London-based studio FranklinTill and Danish agency SPOTT trends & business have contributed to the 20/21 global forecast for perspective-related interior design.

The theme addresses layered identities via five diverse 20/21 trends: ‘Maximum Glam’ turns the glamorous life tech-savvy, ‘Pure Spiritual’ finds balance in nature and mysticism, ‘Active Urban’ values utilitarian, adaptable solutions, while ‘Heritage Lux’ celebrates rich historical legacies and ‘Multi-Local’ embraces global cultural influences.

Stijlinstituut Amsterdam also invited four design studios and two photographers to capture the core of each theme, assigning the creatives with a theme matching their philosophy, practice and methodology, enabling them to bring a personal and authentic aspect to the stories.

At the show, the Heimtextil Trend Space 2020 will realise 2D visualisations from the book as 3D spaces, while the Future Materials Library, curated by FranklinTill, will present emerging sustainable material innovation to the interior textile industry. Focused on material composition and manufacturing innovation, the library exhibits will provide invaluable insight and inspiration for visitors and exhibitors alike, complementing the curated showcase of aesthetic design and colour trends. Each showcased sample will feature on-point information about each material’s raw origins, manufacturing process and potential afterlife.

Heimtextil and the international trend team have also created a Material Manifesto outlining how to manage resources used during the event and avoid using new materials that can end up as waste when the exhibition closes. Through intelligent material choice, Stijlinstituut Amsterdam will reduce material impact to create an immersive forum with a minimal footprint. Filling the 2,000m2 Trend Space over four exhibition days is a challenge that the Heimtextil and Stijlinstituut Amsterdam teams must collaborate on to make a forum built primarily of textiles and inflatables with materials that can be reused after the event. Working according to the principles of circularity, these textiles fit for reuse will be combined with Messe Frankfurt stock components and rented and loaned materials.