Morgan reveals nature-inspired Kaya collection

Morgan has revealed its new Kaya lounge collection, set to launch at this year’s Sleep & Eat event at Olympia, London.

The collection draws its inspiration from nature, taking its name from sacred forests spread across the Kenyan coast. The gentle curves and simplicity of the chairs create relaxed luxury; the soft upholstery juxtaposed with the clean, geometric timber to achieve a balanced design.

Splitting the backs of the chairs into individual lightweight sections, rather than one large, single component, makes for a more lightweight design. The idea was taken from “komorebi”, the Japanese word for sunshine filtering through leaves, further alluding to its natural cues.

The frame’s smooth, curving lines are crafted using Computer Numerical Control, whilst any timber that is removed from the production of Morgan’s products is used to help heat its manufacturing facility with a biomass boiler.

“At Morgan, we like to look to things which have stood the test of time, from different styles of artworks to elements of the natural world,” comments Katerina Zachariades, Design Director at Morgan. “With Kaya, we wanted to look beyond the heavy materials and density of the built environment, peeling back the surface to reveal the pure form within.”