Nanimarquina partners with Here We Are Collective

In an effort to help save the Posidonia plants of the Mediterranean Sea from extinction, Nanimarquina has collaborated with Here We Are Collective on its latest project.

The oceanic Posidonia of the Mediterranean contribute to water cleaning, protect beaches from erosion, and are home to many marine plants and animals. Its population, however, has been recently threatened by human action.

In a bid to combat this, Here We Are Collective has worked with designers and manufacturers to create a limited collection of unique furniture and lighting, all styled in green; the profits of which will be donated to non-profit organisation, GOB Mallorca. Nanimarquina’s contribution to the catalogue is a rug knitted with a Persian knot technique and hand-spun Afghan wool.

The pieces will be available for purchase on 7th November at a private sale held at Il Giardinetto restaurant in Barcelona.