Looking ahead to 2021 and beyond will come as a welcome distraction to keen globetrotters at present, but what about letting your imagination drift a little further? Hilton’s Checking Into 2119 report does just that.

Since its inception in 1919, the global brand has been a pioneer in the hospitality industry, introducing air conditioning, in-room televisions and the computerised reservation system – all designed to provide guests with the very best experience. And last year, to celebrate its centenary, Hilton propelled itself into the future, forecasting trends and imagining the innovations that will await guests in 100 years’ time.

Combining its own thoughts with those of futurist Gerd Leonhard, Hilton’s vision spans everything from technology and design, to food and drink, sustainability and wellness. In short, it predicts a world of intergalactic getaways, hyper-personalised stays and 3D-printed dinners; hotels will migrate to other planets or high in the mountains to avoid encroaching seas, while previously uninhabitable deserts will become places of recreation, and restaurant menus will feature insect proteins and lab-grown meat.

Hotel structures will come to closer mirror their surroundings too, with buildings becoming more intrinsically linked to local environments than ever before. Once inside, guests will only see what they want to see. Every area will morph into a hyper-personalised space, with individual data insights gleaned from embedded chip technology ensuring that rooms are ready the moment a visitor walks in. 

“Guests will still seek comfort and rest during hotel stays in 100 years’ time; this has been the case for thousands of years,” says Joshua Sloser, Senior Vice President, Digital Product Innovation, Hilton. “Hyper-personalisation will only work to enhance that experience, allowing guests to unwind in an environment created solely based on their preferences.”

Though the forthcoming century may be filled with artificial intelligence (AI), human contact will be more critical than ever according to Leonhard: “The future will be exponential, convergent, holistic and most importantly – human-centric. As our world goes rapidly digital, data will be the new oil, AI will be the new electricity and the internet of things (IoT) the new nervous system. However, the more we digitise, the more human connection becomes important. We cannot substitute relationships.”