HBA appoints four new Managing Partners

HBA has unveiled a new organisational structure with the appointment of four senior management positions.

The reshuffle comprises a quartet of core business units, namely: HBA Americas, HBA Asia Pacific and EMEA, HBA China and HBA Brand Partners. In line with this, Jacques Coetzee (above) has become Managing Partner of HBA Americas in Atlanta; Andrew Moore and Chris Godfrey are joining the Singapore office as Managing Partner of HBA Asia Pacific and Managing Partner of HBA Brand Partners and EMEA respectively; and Leo Ying Li has been named as will be Managing Partner of HBA China in Shanghai. The Managing Partners form a four-member Executive Committee, overseeing group-wide strategy while leading their individual regions.

“These appointments recognise the remarkable talent among the leadership team of HBA and will ensure our continued focus on delivering our commitments to clients, employees, business partners and shareholders,” says Co-CEO Ian Carr, who along with fellow Co-CEO René Kaerskov has now retired. “I’m confident that, together, Jacques, Andrew, Leo and Chris will lead their respective units and the group to greater success.”

HBA's new Managing Partners

Kaerskov and Carr will maintain their longstanding associations with HBA as members of the Board of Directors, from where they will provide strategic consultation and advice for the hospitality design firm.

Andrew Moore, HBA’s Global President, adds: “Over the past decade, René and Ian, both influential figures in the global hospitality design industry, have overseen growth and led the transformation of HBA. Thanks to their leadership, the group is stronger today and is well placed to service our clients as the global hotel industry rebounds from the pandemic challenges. We look forward to their guidance as Board Directors.”

Incoming Head of HBA Brand Partners, Chris Godfrey, concludes: “HBA remains the dominant force in hospitality design and is committed to growing our design services that build on our beliefs and core competencies. The company has come a long way in the past 10 years. Today, we are excited to pivot on these successes as we navigate the current environment and push forward into the next decade and beyond.”

Photography: © Callaghan Walsh
Headline Image: Jacques Coetzee
Portrait Image (left to right): Andrew Moore, Chris Godfrey, Leo Ying Li