Arper has unveiled its Aston Club collection, new for 2020, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud.

The range evolves the original Aston design to offer comfort contained within a striking and elegant form.

The chairs’ evocative silhouettes complement other furniture, whilst also making a confident statement.

Strong, classical lines convey an enduring allure and a timeless form designed for utmost comfort.

A matching footrest continues the aesthetic and creates a moment of full relaxation.

Each product can be customised with a selection of upholstery options – from classic fibres to contemporary patterns – whilst the base can be finished in either polished or painted aluminium.

Aston Club’s internal parts are made from post-industrial recycling plastic, and each product can be entirely disassembled and recycled at the end of its use.

Furthermore, the collection has been made without any glue in order to reduce emissions and allow for the responsible disposal of all component parts. Aston Club uses powder-based coat that is free of VOC emissions.