Bolon debut VR experience alongside new collection

Swedish flooring company Bolon will debut a VR solution to coincide with the launch of the new Emerge collection.

Accessible via a computer, the virtual world will comprise an architectural space where the user will explore a hotel, a museum and an office, each furnished with flooring from the Emerge collection together with design pieces and unexpected features.

Building on the brand’s existing portfolio, Emerge comprises one textured design in six different colourways – shades of blue, green, grey, brown and beige. Available in roll, 50×50 cm tiles and as Bolon Studio tiles, the new collection allows for greater individualisation

“We believe the timing is right to launch our new base collection with the help of a VR solution,” explains Annica Eklund, Chief Creative Officer at Bolon. “Our design flooring is perfect for large public spaces and Emerge is created with that in mind, therefore I am so pleased that we can offer our customers a tool for them to explore our products in detail and to see them in a grander scale, without going to a physical space.”

Bolon perceives the digital launch as a step towards new market and business needs, as well as offering a new way to enhance product perception by presenting the optimal environment. By going virtual, the global company has the opportunity to serve its customers around the world simultaneously.

Eklund adds: “We look forward to the response from the market. It feels so exciting to finally be able to launch a collection at the same time globally, with a technical solution that we feel certain will service customers today and into the future in the best possible way, without compromising the environment.”