To celebrate the 106th birthday of designer Hans J. Wegner, Carl Hansen & Son has released a limited-edition version of his iconic Wishbone chair.

The reimagined piece has taken a darker turn, as its frame has adopted a glossy navy-blue finish.

The new colour was chosen in close collaboration with London-based Designer and Creative Director Ilse Crawford and her multidisciplinary studio Studioisle.

The deep, moody shade and its lacquered finish were both inspired by Wegner’s long-standing fascination with Asian craft and design history.

“The blue refers to the colour which has been so much a part of Chinese culture: from the blue and white china that fascinated the world for centuries, to the dark blue of indigo textiles,” comments Crawford.

“The high-gloss references traditional Chinese lacquer finishes.”

Originally conceived in 1949, the Wishbone chair was the first of five that Wegner designed for Carl Hansen & Son.

Today, the product is still made in Denmark at the brand’s factory on the island of Funen, where its fourteen parts are manually assembled and its seat is hand-woven from 295ft of paper cord.

“Each year we celebrate Hans J. Wegner’s birthday by introducing a new version of the Wishbone chair, changing its appearance without interfering with its integrity as a design,” says Knud Erik Hansen, the brand’s Managing Director.

“This year’s glossy navy edition is charming and discrete, whilst highlighting the simple beauty that has made the Wishbone a favourite for seventy years.”

The limited-edition chair comes with a certificate of authenticity, and each item features a small brass plate engraved with Hans J. Wegner’s signature and date of birth, discretely positioned inside the frame.

The chair will only be available from 2nd April, the designer’s birthday, until the end of the month.