Carpe Diem Beds has launched in the UK with its first global store opening in Marylebone, London.

The new store offers a full design experience, including sleep consultation, tailored bed designs, and customised bedroom accessories in partnership with Designers Guild and Romo Group. In light of Covid-19, the store will be taking extra measures to maintain the health and safety of staff and visitors.

The brand is known for providing unique solutions for a luxurious bedroom experience, with beds named after islands in the Swedish archipelago, inspiring a life of peace and quiet.

Boasting over two decades of know-how in creating handmade beds on the Swedish west coast, Carpe Diem Beds appears in top hotels across the globe. Founded by Börje Thuleskär, the brand envisioned a sleeping experience that would reflect the feeling and freedom of lying on a bed of heather, enveloped by nature.

Thuleskär had a professional background as a chiropractor with previous studies in psychology and recognised the importance of sleeping well to live a healthy life both physically and mentally. This paved the way for Carpe Diem Beds’ manifesto: to create a bed so comfortable that whoever slept in it would know the difference between sleep and sleep.

To ensure this comfort, the brand holds five patents: a Contour Pocket System, Back Support, Visco-Elastic Bottom Layer, Lumbar Support and Anti-Pinch Protection.

At its London store, customers will be able to customise their beds, headboards and decorative pillows with fabrics in collaboration with Designers Guild and Romo Group, as well as choose from a wide variety of bed legs.

“The Carpe Diem Beds opening in London invites a new market to experience the Swedish Carpe Diem Beds way of unwinding and sleeping,” comments Linda Schori, Creative Director and Head of Branding & Marketing at Carpe Diem Beds.

“We are excited to invite the British public to experience our philosophy of a customised and designed bedroom experience, sharing our expertise in beds and love of unwinding with a focus on luxury, comfort, design and innovation.”