Ferreira de Sá has announced its partnership with Econyl to create a sustainable fibre produced from regenerated waste.

The Econyl Regeneration System emerged as a way to help protect the environment and the planet’s resources.

It begins with the collection of discarded materials such as fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpets, and industrial plastics from oceans and landfills. These are then subsequently separated and cleaned in order to recover as much nylon as possible.

Through a complex regeneration and purification process, the nylon is recycled and turned to its original purity, ensuring that it is the practically the same as virgin nylon.

Finally, this is processed into yarn and used in the production of Ferreira de Sá’s rugs.

The introduction of the new material has also brought about new support tools for designers to use. Econyl Regenerated Nylon sample boxes have been created with more than 40 7x7cm samples in the cut and loop techniques.

A box of pompoms was also created with around 45 neutral and metallic colours. These tools assist Ferreira de Sá’s customers in their projects, introducing them to a new material that allows for endless possibilities.