GAN debuts Natural Arty collection

Created by GAN’s in-house design team, Natural Arty is a high-quality rug collection handmade in India from neutral toned undyed wool.

Thanks to the Hand Loom technique, a rug weaving system with a long-lived tradition, Natural Arty is light and stands out for its versatility. On the raw, light background, a subtly darker beige contrasts with a brushstroke effect.

The collection is made exclusively from virgin wool fibres, making the pieces hard-wearing, warm and pleasant to the touch, but not at all heavy. Emulating the soft caress of a little lamb, Natural Arty is a cosy embrace of well-being.

In each of the hand-spun yarns, the uniqueness of imperfection blossoms. Different densities, thicknesses, and organic shades of colour blend irregularly in each yarn, creating textures and making the value of unfiltered authenticity visible.

Light, timeless, and with an artistic touch, Natural Arty combines its air of abstract oil paintings with a discreet and minimalist style that makes it easy to integrate into all types of interior spaces, from the most neutral and calm to the most visually overloaded, where it can provide a necessary note of balance.

The Natural Arty collection, available only in a combination of ecru and beige, comes in two different sizes: 170×240 cm (5’7”x7’11”) and 200×300 cm (6’7”x9’10”).