Designed by Neri & Hu, Gan’s Lan rug has been refreshed with a new colourway.

Lan Natural shares the design and philosophy of the original Indigo rug, but instead uses a palette of neutral tones that provide versatility and serenity to different spaces.

Maintaining Neri & Hu’s personal touch, the new range combines eastern and western sensibilities.

The rugs are made entirely from wool using two different techniques: the base is a Glaoui, which combines high pile and flat areas, and upon it are overlapping layers of hand-embroidered geometric patterns made by the Gan Women’s Unit – a team of female embroiderers who work across the brand’s collections.

No chemical dyes are used in the rugs’ manufacture, thus maintaining the natural colour of the wool and minimising environmental impact.

The products are available in four sizes: 70cm x 240cm, 150cm x 280cm, 180cm x 200cm and 180cm x 336cm.