Lasvit launches Icons collection

Czech-based designer and manufacturer Lasvit has unveiled Icons – a new category of design lighting.

Icons is a curated selection of iconic bespoke designs that have already caught the eye of clients worldwide in ready-to-order standardisations.

The collection currently comprises five styles – Herbarium, Dancing Leaves, Alice, Midsummer and Cipher – each with its own author, design approaches, glassmaking techniques and aesthetics.

Herbarium reflects the Czech glassmaking tradition, Bohemian nature and the company’s aesthetic style while Alice – originally developed as a concept for Salone del Mobile – soon became popular among clients due to the delicate fragility of the glass flower.

Meanwhile, Dancing Leaves is one of Lasvit’s most famous designs – the glass leaves reflect an alley of plane trees in front of the Peninsula Hotel lobby in Paris – and Midsummer is the perfect symbiosis of metal and glass, showcasing the brand’s ability to step beyond glass and into the field of metalworking.

First developed as a chandelier alongside creative duo Yabu Pushelberg, Cipher now offers clients the possibility to create their own design ‘cipher’ by combining glass and metal dots and dashes.

Available in standardised shapes and a set spectrum of several colour options, the new category offers a middle ground between bespoke installations and serial lighting collections – though all designs are also available as bespoke installations that can be tailored to the client.

“Our goal is to be the most inspirational glassmakers and we have been thinking how to get the inspiration and beauty of Czech glass to the most people worldwide. That is why we came up with Lasvit Icons,” explains Pavel Kacir, General Sales Manager for Lasvit Europe. “These original bespoke installations are now offered in standardised form, which means quicker delivery times and affordable prices.”