Lasvit releases signature designs in ready-to-order standardisations

Czech Republic-based spacial concept company Lasvit has transformed several signature designs into Icons – a series of bestselling standardisations.

The Icons series is a curated selection of bespoke designs available in a ready-to-order package. The designs carry the company’s “DNA” and offer a middle ground between bespoke installations and serial lighting collections. A selection of standardised shapes and a set spectrum of several colour options make Icons the fastest and most affordable choice for fine design lighting, transforming any living space into an elegant residence.

Herbarium is one of LASVIT’s most recent designs, combining all of the company’s best attributes into one striking installation, melding traditional Bohemian craft with an aesthetic style. Available in nine ready-to-order variations with a lifetime guarantee that each piece is unique, they are all handcrafted with the genius loci in mind. Herbarium is available in oval and round shapes in small, medium, and large sizes, plus there are two special living room “bouquets” (small and large) and one version particularly tailored for staircases.

Glass enables Lasvit to balance between the movements of nature and state-of-the-art design. Originally designed for the lobby of Paris’ famous Peninsula Hotel, the Dancing Leaves Icon is available in nine different standardisations, with two versions of leaves arranged in a round shape, three for the oval shape and four which have a conical shape. All the individual components are hand-sculpted originals which will bring a breath of fresh, autumn air.