Moduleo offers luxury vinyl range

Belgium based manufacturer, Moduleo, provides unique flooring solutions for the hotel industry with its luxury vinyl offering.

The company’s floors recreate the intricacies of natural wood and stone, mimicking their textures. However, nothing is taken from nature except inspiration. The hardwearing vinyl has none of the inherent maintenance issues of natural materials and responds to the demands of the commercial environment, looking freshly laid even years after initial installation.

Moduleo’s Transform range is specifically designed for commercial spaces, with a R10 non-slip rating and a .55mm wear layer providing the safety and durability that is required in high traffic areas. Waterproof and easy to clean, it also has good acoustic properties, making it ideal for busy environments. Alongside sixty designs and a range of creative layout options, there is also a new parquet configuration. As well as this, Portfolio – Moduleo’s brand new bespoke design service – allows commercial clients to create their own design, with samples ready in as little as two weeks.

Every stage of the design and manufacture process is handled from a facility in Belgium. With everything is created on site – holding a multitude of benefits. Quicker turnarounds mean that Moduleo can rapidly respond to the needs of clients and to interior trends. The carbon footprint is also vastly reduced and Moduleo can retain total quality control at every stage of the journey.