The Romb lamp by Pholc

Pholc unveils Romb lighting collection

Swedish brand Pholc has launched Romb, an artistic lighting collection designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle.

Inspired by two corrugated cardboard shapes that are stacked one atop the other, the lamp’s geometric appearance sees a compressed form and rippled surface enhance the lightweight cardboard impression.

In its smallest size, Romb Mini can be placed anywhere – whether as a centrepiece on a dinner table or as a companion on a sideboard – thanks to a battery that powers the light. The collection is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, making it as adaptable and interesting in a home as in a hotel lobby.

Mats Broberg of Broberg & Ridderstråle reveals the story behind the lamp: “The foundation for Romb was developed in close collaboration with Pholc. We formulated a concept using corrugated cardboard, a material we use a lot for architectural prototypes. Romb started taking shape and we all felt it had the sophisticated relevance we were looking for. The result is as much a lamp as it is a design object – especially the Mini.”