Snohetta Laufen Showroom

Snøhetta reimagines Laufen’s Swiss headquarters

Norwegian design studio Snøhetta has reimagined the Laufen Forum, the Swiss bathroom manufacturer’s headquarters. 

Laufen opted to partner with the studio thanks to their shared commitment to resource-saving and long-lasting sustainability solutions in architecture and design. The careful handling of raw materials in production and the efficient use of water in Laufen bathroom products formed a common foundation for the project. 

Visitors are welcomed in the Greeting Space, where defining materials of clay and brass spotlight the essence of the brand. Moving forwards, they enter into the Matter Space, an event and discussion venue. 

Laufen Headquarters

A light terrazzo floor, colour-coordinated with the exposed concrete of the curved, two-storey building, provides a neutral backdrop for curated product displays, designed with natural clay plasters and paints. In these niches, visitors can experience the tactile qualities of Laufen’s bathroom products, from washbasins and toilets to matching furniture, faucets, bathtubs, shower trays and accessories.  

The product display on the upper floor meanwhile is a little more playful: a wealth of Laufen products can be found on industrial shelves, and visitors can arrange and combine products from various collections on movable racks, allowing for interactive exploration. 

“It was important to us that the core of the Laufen brand was the focus in the newly designed Laufen Forum,” says Patrick Lüth, Managing Director of Snøhetta. “The essence of Laufen is represented by the tension between materiality, design and technical perfection.”

Photography: © Pierre Kellenberger