Tribu Hotel Verte Warsaw

Tribù kits out Warsaw’s Hotel Verte

Tribù recently supplied its outdoor furniture to Hotel Verte, a boutique property located in Warsaw’s Old Town.

Housed in the Branicki and Szaniawski Palace, which was reconstructed after World War II, the hotel blends modernity and history through its design. The 18th-century palace has been meticulously restored, including its inviting garden space.

The outdoor space is thoughtfully furnished with elegant Tribù furniture. Guests can recline amidst the Tosca collection, known for its distinctive giant-weave design that seamlessly combines comfort and luxury.

The Branch bistro tables meanwhile, perfectly sized for two, provide an ideal spot for a food and beverage break. To enhance relaxation, the Mood lounge chairs offer a range of additional possibilities for guests to unwind and embrace the hotel’s outdoor space.