Dorchester Collection has unveiled plans for its first hotel in Asia, located within Torch Tower, the highest building in Japan.

Scheduled to open in 2028, the Torch Tower is currently under development by Mitsubishi Estate Co. Ltd. and Tokyo Century Corporation.

Located in the upper floors of Torch Tower, the tallest building in Japan, the hotel will offer a panoramic view of Tokyo Bay, the city centre, as well as of Mt. Fuji. The Sky Hill will become the symbol of the hotel and the city itself, an oasis of tranquillity where nature can be enjoyed through all one’s senses, creating a unique experience fused with the vibrancy of the hotel.

Combining these aspects with Dorchester Collection, which has carved its name in the history and culture of many parts of the world, the goal will be to create the only worldview with TOKYO TORCH, and a true luxury area in Japan that can be experienced nowhere else.

“This new hotel will become a beacon for Japan’s ultra-luxury hotel landscape and set new benchmarks,” says Christopher Cowdray, Chief Executive Officer, Dorchester Collection. “World-class architects will inspire with their symbolic design torch concept, lighting up not only the future of Tokyo and Japan but also the world. Tokyo has long been an integral part of our growth strategy given it is a gateway to Asia and its global significance, and to be partnering with the highly esteemed Mitsubishi Estate Co. and Tokyo Century Corporation is a true honour. Their core values are perfectly aligned with ours given the vision of ‘a love for people, a love for the city’ and our ‘We Care’ philosophy.’

Dorchester Collection currently comprises nine iconic hotels in London, Paris, Milan, Rome, and Los Angeles. Next year the company will open its first hotel in the Middle East, The Lana, Dubai. Each of these hotels has a strong individuality rooted in the city’s culture and heritage, and forms an integral part of the local community.

Mitsubishi Jisho Design