Following its destruction in a 2019 fire, The Rusty Parrot Lodge & Spa in Jackson, Wyoming, has announced early details of its rebuild process. Designed by Rowland+Broughton Architecture, a new 50,500ft², 3-storey, 40-key structure is currently awaiting construction approval ahead of an anticipated spring 2022 opening.

“While the structure was completely lost, the spirit lives strong,” comments owner Ron Harrison. “The design team at Rowland+Broughton understands how important that notion is within a mountain resort community.”

Emphasising natural materials like wood and stone, the hotel’s exterior portion will include references to the original structure whilst allowing the new facade to blend into the surrounding area. The rusty parrot sculpture that became something of a mascot for the property has also been restored.

“After a nationwide search, Rowland+Broughton’s deep portfolio proved that they are capable of capturing the residential feel we wanted,” adds Brandon Harrison. “They have the technical expertise from hotel design experience and the bonus of experience in historic hotel renovations and preservation of western architecture. The team’s responsiveness to the intent and design guidelines has been impressive.”

“Being entrusted with the opportunity to work with the Harrisons to bring this wonderful, iconic lodge back to the Jackson community is truly an honour,” says Rowland+Broughton Principal Sarah Broughton. “As a team, we acknowledge the importance of re-capturing much of the ethos of the original structure. Maintaining distinctive exterior materials and giving a nod to previous design details in a new way will ensure that the structure relates to its past as it moves forward as a legacy project. As has been true of the Rusty Parrot experience from the start, there will also be new and interesting opportunities for guests to discover.”