VitrA unveils Claudio Bellini-designed Equal range

VitrA has launched Equal – a bathroom collection created in collaboration with Italian architect and designer Claudio Bellini. Exploring the fusion between the organic shapes found in nature and the architectural lines present in an urban environment, the series pairs new-look washbasins units with brassware from the brand’s Suit L range.

Bellini has reimagined the modern bathroom through an architectural lens, making use of repeated geometric shapes emphasising the differences between the products, including the option to incorporate a suspended towel rail or LED lighting. The minimalist approach to the design is complemented by the monochrome hues and metallic finishes.

Comprising a mirror with integrated LED lighting, a selection of storage and washbasin units as well as a wall-hung WC and bidet, the contemporary collection infuses the washroom with tranquillity through its use of pure shapes and seamless joints. Developed carefully in collaboration with VitrA’s in-house design team, Equal aims to maintain the illusion of fluidity – using the smooth edges to mimic the natural cavities found in lakes, alongside more structured lines to ground the aesthetic.

The collection further establishes a consistent flow through the use of sleek metal rails and fine lines, connecting each piece to the next. The clean edges of the furniture are reflected in the washbasins, emphasising its overall delicacy, while the rectangular mirrors also echo these shapes and are available in three proportionate sizes.

Moreover, the repetition of elegant, organic shapes is reflected throughout the collection, maintaining the theme of balance. The washbasin overflow is a slender oval, mimicking the other sleek shapes in the range. Utilising consistent shapes, clean borders and industrial accents, Equal aims to emulate the defined structures found in modernist architecture.

“Through this partnership with Claudio Bellini, VitrA were able to approach bathroom furniture from a new, architectural perspective,” says Erdem Akan, Design Director, VitrA. “Focusing on structure and shape, we were able to explore innovative design concepts that have developed into a stylish and functional collection.”