Studio Puisto names new Director of Global Hospitality Development

Helsinki-based architecture firm Studio Puisto has appointed Sam-Erik Ruttmann as its new Director of Global Hospitality Development. Having spent a number of years with the studio in an advising role, Ruttmann will use his wealth of knowledge and experience to strengthen its approach towards international hospitality projects in the future, as well as sharing his perspectives on the industry.

Studio Puisto recently sat down with Ruttmann to explore his global background and hear his reflections on such a diverse livelihood. “My international career has brought me quite literally around the world across the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia,” says Ruttmann. “From all my time abroad, one of my most important and universal takeaways is that the success of a hotel is largely dependent on a customer-centric vision.”

Ruttmann has worked for global brands such as Hyatt International, InterContinental, Langham Hotels & Resorts and Dusit International. One of the regions he has had the most impact in is the Middle East, where he acted as chief negotiator for hotel agreements at both Langham and Dusit to drive expansion into the area.