Leds C4 debuts Iris collection

Lighting manufacturer Leds C4 has launched Iris, a collection where light and setting speak the same language.

Nothing is impossible for Iris as it integrates with spaces, adopting the perfect shape in the right place. Its endless combination possibilities and the modular nature of its light source are the distinguishing factors of this collection, which offers a high technical level in a casing with a strong decorative character.

The designer’s imagination is the only limit on the composition and lighting in a space. Iris can be comprised of diverse applications: pendant, projector (three-phase or Low Voltage) and wall/ceiling light, with surface and recessed options, with trim or without, thanks to a combination of nine bases and five diffusers.

Very different lighting needs can arise in a single space. These call for modular collections that may speak a shared language but can be configured with independent features. Iris is the answer to this need. The fact that its three control points (lens, shade and accessories) are so modular make it the perfect choice for designers looking to achieve a style that is distinct in segments, yet homogeneous as a whole.