Naturalmat launches Mattress for Life initiative

Naturalmat has launched Mattress for Life, a new sustainability initiative that seeks to reduce waste.

With a proliferation of low-quality products, 100-day sleep guarantees and changing preferences, hotels are inclined to replace their mattresses much more frequently than they used to, which is creating a mountain of waste, and an environmental disaster – over five million mattresses end up in landfill every year in the UK alone.

Naturalmat takes pride in every mattress they make and want them to be enjoyed and cherished for many years. When the time comes, every Naturalmat mattress can be broken down into its individual component materials, each of which can be either composted, reused or recycled.

If and when a Naturalmat mattress no longer fulfils its purpose, the manufacturer offers three different services to prevent it ending up in landfill:

Naturalmat will collect the mattress and bring it back to their Devon workshop where their skilled team will take the mattress apart, replace any compressed or damaged fibres and put a brand-new cover on it. It’ll be good as new for a considerably less than the price of a new mattress.

If the customer would prefer not to refurbish the mattress, Naturalmat will take it apart and the materials and fillings recovered will be washed and treated. The customer can either receive a credit for the value of these materials to put towards a new mattress, or receive a new product made from these repurposed materials, such as a dog bed or scatter cushions.

If the mattress is in an acceptable condition and the customer would like to donate it to charity, Naturalmat will take it back and send it to their partners in Liverpool who have invented the world’s first mattress washing machine, called Mattilda! It will then be donated to one of their charity partners, as part of their efforts to alleviate sleep poverty.

A bespoke version of the Mattress for Life initiative is available for hotel partners.

Naturalmat also recently launched a new website, which includes a page dedicated to hotel case studies.