Orazio Palace in Rome, Italy

Orazio Palace arrives in the Italian capital

Combining refinement, eclecticism and contemporary living in equal measure, Rome’s Orazio Palace is the latest hotel from 4L Collection, who enlisted architecture and interior design firm COLLIDANIELARCHITETTO to create a cosmopolitan hub just steps from the capital’s Basilica of St. Peter and the Castel Sant’Angelo.

Spread across 4,000m², the nine-storey property comprises 65 guestrooms – including six suites – and dedicated spaces for shared living, including a library, lobby bar, garden, rooftop restaurant and sky bar.

COLLIDANIELARCHITETTO drew inspiration from the moment of twilight in Rome. “It is a clear, golden light that defines contrast, contour and plasticity, exalting shapes and materials with saturated colours,” says owner Daniela Colli. “The project celebrates the changing nature of the Capitoline sky at the magical hour.”

This inspiration is found throughout the Neoclassical profile of the early 20th century building, whose facade is sculpted by the Roman light. Behind it are several environments designed for gathering, which favour fluidity and open up to guests; a concept in which all are welcoming despite their distinct identities.

Orazio Palace in Rome, Italy
© Mattia Aquila

Elsewhere, monochromatic surfaces are enhanced by contrasting touches of colour, which bring a strong personality that is emphasised by precious materials, tailored furnishings and handmade details by Italian craftsmen – a balance between sign, material and meaning that creates a welcoming atmosphere.

The double height of the hall is complemented by a chandelier with brass macro-rings and large plants, while soft colours alternate with bright accents in orange tones. In the corridor that leads to the lobby bar, the wall is covered with swirling multi-colour wallpaper featuring a three-dimensional effect, while inside, the studio has crafted bold velvet armchairs whose ironic interpretation subverts the proportions of the classic chair.

The lobby bar is a monochromatic setting in shades of grey, in which wallpaper of textured material, chromed metals and engraved mirrors are interrupted by the hints of vivid orange of the velvet seats and the artfully distorted light of the lamps. Custom-made furniture also creates a warm and refined atmosphere.

Imprinted with neutral colours, the library is an intimate space for informal meetings and reading. In the courtyard, on the other hand, the garden features walls covered with scented jasmine and allows those who visit to observe the contrast between the square pattern on the floor and the orange steel rod furniture.

Orazio Palace in Rome, Italy

An eclectic mix of materials and textures also grace the suites, in which COLLIDANIELARCHITETTO defines the environments with international appeal, tailor-made furnishings and polished details. Sofas and seats are in Klein Blue, desks and bedside tables feature a material surface with precious marble tops, and lamps are in macro and micro-scales, which with their chromed titanium caps envelop the spaces in a soft light.

Meanwhile, the seventh floor – a glass space with a perimeter terrace, in which interior and exterior coexist in visual continuity and utility – houses the Ozio Restaurant. Here, contemporary Italian style dominates with linear sofas in green, seats of floral velvet and wicker, glass tables, bold lamps and brass hangings.

On the eighth and top level, the sky lounge bar is an open-air space providing 360° views of the Rome skyline, thanks to transparent glass plates that merge with the surrounding landscape. As such, it is possible to embrace the dome of Saint Peter’s, the Castel Sant’Angelo and a large part of the historic centre from the comfort of sofas crafted from woven rope and metal armchairs with soft peony pink cushions.

As Italian film director Federico Fellini wrote: “Light is what adds, removes, reduces, exalts, enriches, blurs, underlines, alludes, makes the fantastic, the dream become believable and acceptable or, on the contrary, makes the real fantastic, the greyest  life a mirage, adds transparency, evokes tensions and vibrations.”

Orazio Palace in Rome, Italy

Photography: © Matteo Piazza