SH Hotels & Resorts is embarking on a worldwide expansion of its portfolio, with more than 30 hotels and branded residential projects open and in the pipeline. 

The 1 Hotels brand, launched in 2015 with 1 Hotel South Beach, will further extend its reach, with openings in Melbourne, situated on the Yarra River; Copenhagen, set to embody the city’s carbon-neutral goals; and Seattle in 2025.  

In 2026, the portfolio will widen to include outposts in Austin – envisioned as the tallest tower in Texas – and Crete, while 2027 will see the opening of 1 Hotels in Paris, San Miguel de Allende, Cabo and Riyadh, the brand’s debut in the Middle East. 

Baccarat Hotels will also continue to grow, with an 87-key opening in Rome in 2025, and a 75-key opening in Florence the year after. Baccarat Hotel & Residences Dubai is set for 2026, bringing 144 rooms and 49 residences to the city. A second Middle Eastern opening will land in 2027, with Baccarat Hotel & Residences Diriyah debuting in Riyadh. 

The group’s Treehouse brand is further expanding over the next four years, with openings in Silicon Valley and Manchester, UK in 2024, Miami in 2026, Adelaide in 2027 and Riyadh in 2028. 

“At SH Hotels & Resorts, we believe in creating spaces that transcend the ordinary and are more than just a place to stay – they are a celebration of living in harmony with our surroundings,” says Sternlicht. “Our latest expansion is not just about extending our reach; it’s a chance to expose more individuals to our mission.  

“In 1 Hotels, it’s about fusing sustainable luxury with the restorative power of nature. In Baccarat Hotels, we combine timeless elegance with modern sophistication. And in Treehouse Hotels, we ignite the imagination with whimsical charm and playful design. Each new property is a step forward in our journey to redefine what luxury means today and for future generations.” 

Raul Leal, CEO of SH Hotels & Resorts, adds: “Our vision is expansive and precise. We’re growing in markets where our guests seek out the experiences that we excel at providing. 

“As a company rooted in sustainability, the long-term resilience of the properties drives its strategy for growth and impact. The global development pipeline is expanding through ground-up builds and imaginative transformations. A key feature of the expansion is its foray into branded residential projects, and all the brands – but in particular, 1 Hotels and Baccarat – will shift to focus on destination resorts that cater to the resurgence and resilience of what global travellers are seeking.”

Despite its wide expansion, the group vows not to lose its long-standing sustainable ethos. “As SH Hotels & Resorts looks to the future, it remains devoted to its principles of sustainability,” confirms Sternlicht. “With a drive toward substantially reducing CO2 emissions and achieving zero-waste operations, the company is not only expanding its footprint but also its impact. We’ve ignited a wave of responsibility in luxury hospitality. Our growth strategy is intertwined with our commitment to the planet, and this is just the beginning. As we expand, we continue to redefine the narrative of what it means to travel consciously.”