Indonesian property development company, Invest Islands, has unveiled renderings of Torok Hill Resort, a luxury development located on the south coast of Lombok island.

Slated for completion in early 2023, the project will be built over 14 hectares with the support of Bali-based construction and fabrication company, Tunas Jaya Sanur.

Torok Hill Resort will feature 22 duplex beachfront villas and more than 80 one, two- and three-bedroom properties located on a stepped hillside. Utilising sustainable design and locally sourced materials, all villas include panoramic views and private swimming pools.

Reflecting Invest Islands’ commitment to sustainability, each of the 100+ units on site will feature energy-saving features such as rainwater catchment tanks, greywater reuse systems and solar roof panels. Meanwhile, the two-storey 700sqm Waves Beach Club and Restaurant will be constructed from locally sourced bamboo and recognise indigenous architecture.

“We designed the Torok Hill Resort with the intention of creating a luxurious option that could also have genuine, positive impact on Lombok and we believe the final design achieves this,” says Kevin Deisser, co-founder of Invest Islands. “Half residential, half resort, the project combines Lombok’s traditions with photogenic features that should create global exposure in a modern, connected world. It will also employ 80% Indonesians and bring wider exposure to our charitable arm, the Invest Islands.”